Kristin McNutt

Lakeshore Camp and Retreat Center

Time at Lakeshore Camp: 3 Summers!

From the nominator:

Kristin is one of the hardest working counselors at Lakeshore. She often goes unnoticed by other staff when she is with her campers because she is so entranced in making kids feel welcomed and loved. She is always genuine, caring, honest and mission-focused. She is ready and willing to step out of her comfort zone if it means helping a shy camper feel more comfortable. Kristin not only excels interacting with campers, but she also helps ensures the rest of the camp experience runs smoothly by helping wherever needed.

Kristin seeks out kids who are on the margins and invites them into the community of the cabin. She puts herself out there by being goofy and silly to make a kid feel comfortable, even though that is against her natural personality. She uses her personal experience to help break down any barrier for a child to be engaged and is known for altering her counseling style for the needs of each kid. She brings her passion for things outside of camp and uses them here to strengthen her ministry because her passion isn’t just camp but God’s people.
— Jennie @ Lakeshore Camp & Retreat Center