Molly Martin

Lake Okoboji United Methodist Camp

Molly has spent 1 summer at Lake Okoboji, and many more at Catholic Youth Camp!

From the nominator:

Being a camp counselor is hard, messy, work. Molly, ever quick with a smile and a joke, has a rare ability to make camp a magical place for her campers and fellow staff. In her first year here at the Okoboji United Methodist Camp she has quickly become a leader that not only campers but other staff look up to. I truly believe that Molly is a rising star within this industry who is capable of great things. Recognition on a national level for her hard work and enthusiasm will go a long way in helping her to positively impact lives. In addition to her excellent work with youth, Molly is a leader behind the scenes in facility upkeep. When she's finished a project, she's the first to ask "what's next?" Any Site Director would be proud to have someone like Molly on their staff!

Molly is the epitome of “camp is for the camper”. She has consistently demonstrated a fair, positive attitude that is contagious amongst campers and staff. Molly understands and embraces the role of youth leader in all that she does and how she lives her life.
— Bryan Johnson, Site Director at Lake Okoboji UM Camp

Molly is attending college at Iowa State University. She has stated her goal is to work in the camping industry after graduation.