Baird Linke

Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp

Time at Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp: too many to count!

From the nominator:

Baird is easily the most compassionate, committed, engaged, and involved counselor I have ever had the privilege to hire and with whom to work. His work is consistently completed far beyond expectations, and he openly encourages others to perform to the best of their abilities. He is a compassionate servant leader with the needs of others always at the forefront of this thinking. His ability to relate and work with youth, young adults, and adults is truly one of a kind and is a genuine expression of his commitment to encourage and empower those around him for the sake of bettering the world.

Baird is a true leader among his peers with energy, creativity, and passion for creating a vibrant community of faith and learning among his fellow staff and campers. I have never witnessed a “can-do” attitude and flexibility like his in my previous 11 years of experience in outdoor ministry. His commitment to personal fitness, team sports, excellence in schoolwork, and journeying with others as they grow in faith is utterly inspirational to say the very least!
— Nathan at FLBC
David Poole.jpg

David Poole

Wesley Forest

Time at Wesley Forest: 30+ Years!

From the nominator:

Tireless! That's the one word I would use to describe Dave. He is a teacher throughout the year and as soon as school ends, he becomes the greatest advertisement for camp ever. He volunteers nearly his entire summer vacation away by counseling and directing at two of our sites. Not only does he counsel and direct, he puts together the curriculum, an extensive staff training manual (the green binder) and leads every stream stomp! He is also the best (worst) singer and dancer in the world. Dave's heart is INCREDIBLE. His love for Jesus and his love for camp are the inspiration for the thousands of lives he has touched throughout his ministry. It is my honor to nominate this incredible man of God for this prestigious honor.

Dave is the kindest, most caring and compassionate person you will ever meet. He has volunteered to lead a week of church camp for well over 30 years and recently has taken on FIVE WEEKS of church camp over the summer! He LOVES camp and believes in it tremendously.
— Jason Schwartzman


Kristin McNutt

Lakeshore Camp and Retreat Center

Time at Lakeshore Camp: 3 Summers!

From the nominator:

Kristin is one of the hardest working counselors at Lakeshore. She often goes unnoticed by other staff when she is with her campers because she is so entranced in making kids feel welcomed and loved. She is always genuine, caring, honest and mission-focused. She is ready and willing to step out of her comfort zone if it means helping a shy camper feel more comfortable. Kristin not only excels interacting with campers, but she also helps ensures the rest of the camp experience runs smoothly by helping wherever needed.

Kristin seeks out kids who are on the margins and invites them into the community of the cabin. She puts herself out there by being goofy and silly to make a kid feel comfortable, even though that is against her natural personality. She uses her personal experience to help break down any barrier for a child to be engaged and is known for altering her counseling style for the needs of each kid. She brings her passion for things outside of camp and uses them here to strengthen her ministry because her passion isn’t just camp but God’s people.
— Jennie @ Lakeshore Camp & Retreat Center


Landis Barber

Camp Don Lee

Years at Camp Don Lee: 4

From the nominator:

Landis has strong Christian character, having spent much of his volunteer time in youth ministry during high school and college. He is a leader through his words and actions, using humor and his great memory for notable quotes and scriptures to make his point. He has a strong work ethic and will do what it takes to get the job done correctly. He is reliable and likeable.

Leading your peers is especially challenging and Landis does this well and is still well-liked and respected. He has demonstrated great flexibility at camp and is able to readily fill in any program area, including sailing. His passion and love for the summer camp experience for both campers and staff, his strong work ethic and leadership skills and his strong Christian character are the reasons he is worthy of national recognition.
— Kate @ Don Lee

Molly Martin

Lake Okoboji United Methodist Camp

Molly has spent 1 summer at Lake Okoboji, and many more at Catholic Youth Camp!

From the nominator:

Being a camp counselor is hard, messy, work. Molly, ever quick with a smile and a joke, has a rare ability to make camp a magical place for her campers and fellow staff. In her first year here at the Okoboji United Methodist Camp she has quickly become a leader that not only campers but other staff look up to. I truly believe that Molly is a rising star within this industry who is capable of great things. Recognition on a national level for her hard work and enthusiasm will go a long way in helping her to positively impact lives. In addition to her excellent work with youth, Molly is a leader behind the scenes in facility upkeep. When she's finished a project, she's the first to ask "what's next?" Any Site Director would be proud to have someone like Molly on their staff!

Molly is the epitome of “camp is for the camper”. She has consistently demonstrated a fair, positive attitude that is contagious amongst campers and staff. Molly understands and embraces the role of youth leader in all that she does and how she lives her life.
— Bryan Johnson, Site Director at Lake Okoboji UM Camp

Molly is attending college at Iowa State University. She has stated her goal is to work in the camping industry after graduation.

Nick Ponce

Twinlow Camp

Time at Twinlow Camp: 3 Summers!

Nick is a true servant who puts other’s needs before his own. He will skip a meal if it means everyone else gets enough to eat. He will stay up all night long if it means the rest of the campers get to sleep. He will go out of his way to serve his fellow staff and put his campers first.
— Tyler Wagner