Baird Linke

Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp

Time at Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp: too many to count!

From the nominator:

Baird is easily the most compassionate, committed, engaged, and involved counselor I have ever had the privilege to hire and with whom to work. His work is consistently completed far beyond expectations, and he openly encourages others to perform to the best of their abilities. He is a compassionate servant leader with the needs of others always at the forefront of this thinking. His ability to relate and work with youth, young adults, and adults is truly one of a kind and is a genuine expression of his commitment to encourage and empower those around him for the sake of bettering the world.

Baird is a true leader among his peers with energy, creativity, and passion for creating a vibrant community of faith and learning among his fellow staff and campers. I have never witnessed a “can-do” attitude and flexibility like his in my previous 11 years of experience in outdoor ministry. His commitment to personal fitness, team sports, excellence in schoolwork, and journeying with others as they grow in faith is utterly inspirational to say the very least!
— Nathan at FLBC