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David Poole

Wesley Forest

Time at Wesley Forest: 30+ Years!

From the nominator:

Tireless! That's the one word I would use to describe Dave. He is a teacher throughout the year and as soon as school ends, he becomes the greatest advertisement for camp ever. He volunteers nearly his entire summer vacation away by counseling and directing at two of our sites. Not only does he counsel and direct, he puts together the curriculum, an extensive staff training manual (the green binder) and leads every stream stomp! He is also the best (worst) singer and dancer in the world. Dave's heart is INCREDIBLE. His love for Jesus and his love for camp are the inspiration for the thousands of lives he has touched throughout his ministry. It is my honor to nominate this incredible man of God for this prestigious honor.

Dave is the kindest, most caring and compassionate person you will ever meet. He has volunteered to lead a week of church camp for well over 30 years and recently has taken on FIVE WEEKS of church camp over the summer! He LOVES camp and believes in it tremendously.
— Jason Schwartzman